When: A Poem to Empower

This is a poem I wrote earlier this year. It definitely comes from the heart.

When you are told “you can” but they don’t really meant it
When you are subjected to prejudice but they don’t know you feel it
When lies turn to truths because everyone accepted it
And unfairness is fair until somebody questions it?

When day in and day out you hear degrading comments
When the ones they’re about don’t stand up or acknowledge
When a common struggle is fought to prevent recurrence
Only to be disregarded and start a resurgence

When insults are thrown like they’re practically worthless
When their meaning and depth become lost far under the surface
When they lack respect and consequently hurt us
I wonder, “Is there hope for the future because God knows we deserve it!”

I see a future: where equality flourishes
Where both men and women have the same opportunities
Where there is no such thing as unequal pay
And the ones with the power don’t have the final say

I know that: women have a strength equal to that of any man
I know that: women have the power to achieve anything they believe they can
I know that: faced with doubt and rejection women will fight
And they will do it to have the same as their “fellow man”, the same rights

When you next look in the mirror don’t just glance, look longer
When you see your reflection looking back at you, I want you to wonder
When you say or do things you know debase us further
What will this mean for us and our future
What will it mean for generations hereafter?


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