Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety, 

Over the past few months we have spent a lot of time together and have come to know each other quite well.

I have come to the realisation that you are a persistent little guy who loves to ensure I am aware that I should be stressed or that I am out of my comfort zone. Usually, you like to visit me at night when I’m trying to sleep and nag me to pay you attention; so far you have done a good job so…congratulations I guess!

Sometimes you make a guest appearance during the day when I am faced with a difficult or uncomfortable situation and you pester me until I make a decision: to give up or face you head on.

I wish I could say I am brave and that I always choose the latter but I am not always brave and sometimes I choose not to deal with you. Luckily, I know I can count on you to ensure that I eventually have to face my fears. 

When I do choose to deal with the difficult parts of life, aka. you, I feel brave. Whilst you don’t make this easy (thanks) afterwards I am proud of myself. Proud that I didn’t let you get the better of me and proud that I didn’t allow myself to be repressed by the “comfort zone” you have created for me.

So, Anxiety, to you I say thank you. Thank you for being the one to make me feel uncomfortable and thank you for the satisfaction I feel when I don’t allow you control of my life. I’m sure I’ll see you again soon…can’t wait.


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