Making Video Assignment 1 – Ella Meads



Prior to filming my video for assessment one, I created a plan in which I outlined what I wanted to convey in my video and the context. In this process I determined the facts I wanted to talk about such as my age, my career goals, my interests and a little information about my life from the past few years. I knew I really wanted the video to be visually pleasing in terms of colour choice and background, so I did decide to curate my background. The elements I chose included the warm orange wall in my bedroom, my favourite mediation shawl, some fake plants and my big oversized armchair. The colours are all warm tones and, I believe, helped portray to the audience that I am a warm person even though I can appear a little awkward and shy in my videos as a result of my introverted personality. Another reason I curated my background is because I share my room with my boyfriend and so I didn’t feel there was any one spot that truly represented just me, or that would make for an appealing background. As a result, I could help persuade the audience’s impression of me and, as the author of my own authenticity, build upon how I wanted the audience to perceive me.


As well as planning what I wanted to convey in my video, I also needed to decide what lighting I wanted to use, framing, audio, etc. This took a lot of trial and error before I was happy with the result on camera. In the end I used two lights, a 5500K LED reflecting off a white umbrella to illuminate me from the front and a warm LED downlight behind my chair to create some ambient backlighting. I do believe natural daylight would have looked the best, but I had to film at night, so this was the next best option. I employed the use of the rule of thirds and set my frame up so that I was positioned on the right third of the frame, facing slightly to the left to create a pleasing and engaging shot. As for audio, I tried a few methods before I found the one that produced the best result. I experimented recording my voice with my phone as I filmed the video but found the audio was too soft and hard to hear. I then tried plugging in a microphone to my camera to record the audio, but I believe the microphone and camera weren’t compatible as there was no audio in the recording when I went to edit it. Finally, I decided to see what the audio that my camera produced sounded like and it was the best of all the options I tried. It was clear, had good volume levels and produced the best quality.


During the process I learnt a lot regarding the technical aspects of making a video. I learnt that the process requires a lot of trial and error before finding the best quality outcomes in regard to audio, framing and shot composition. However, those multiple takes were actually a blessing as they allowed me to warm up and become more comfortable on camera for my final take. I also found that it was quite difficult to film in a house with four other people living in it as I was interrupted many times. I also struggled with the time limit and keeping my video below two minutes. Although ultimately, it was exciting to film my first video assignment and gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of making video.

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