Making Video Assignment 2 – Ella Meads


Deciding exactly what I wanted to film my video about was quite a daunting task. I immediately knew I wanted to create something regarding surveillance as I was most interested in that topic, but it took me a little while to determine exactly what content and messages I wanted to include in my video. Eventually, after re-reading the unit readings and doing some more research, I decided I wanted to create a “fear campaign” video, almost propagandist in nature whilst drawing on facts and theories from academic journals and articles. My focus was on the different Government surveillance programs and how they have and are eroding or human rights and freedoms.

When I was planning how I would record sound and footage for my video, I trialled a few microphones and decided upon using the Rhode i-XY microphone . This plugged into my iPhone and was accessed through the use of an app. It produced great quality sound and was easy to use. I also wrote a script prior to filming in which I gathered all of the points I wanted to address, and this helped to ensure I stayed on track and to the point. I also knew I wanted to use daylight for this assignment instead of artificial light like I used in assignment one, so my brother helped me shoot some trial shots in different locations around the house before deciding on the best spot. When it came to filming the actual footage, I only wanted video of me speaking to the camera at the very start and end of the video, so that made it easier to remember what I wanted to say on camera. My brother assisted me with shooting, setting up the shots as medium close-ups and ensuring I was in focus. In terms of editing, I have been working with Premier Pro in one of my other units, so I was already quite comfortable with the software and knew how to synchronise all of my footage and audio, which transitions I wanted to use, etc.
The bulk of my video is overlay video from the website It had some great, free videos with their creative commons’ status listed. I also used some sound effects from for my end credits to create an eery ambiance. These were also free and had their creative commons’ status clearly listed. Sourcing creative commons videos from online websites was a new experience for me and something I will definitely be doing more of in future social media video making.

The biggest challenge of this assignment was deciding exactly what I wanted to make my video about, as the topics were so broad. Reading and research helped me to make my decision and, once I had, the ideas came quickly because I had chosen a subject that I was so passionate about. I also found ensuring I was attributing the correct creative commons licenses to the videos I was using quite a challenge. Some weren’t clear as to whether they were CC BY 2.0 or CC BY 3.0 and I couldn’t find many distinguishing factors on the creative commons’ website either. I had to go back through the unit content to refresh my memory and ensure I was attributing them correctly.

Whilst I found this to be the most challenging assignment yet, this was also the assignment that I have learnt the most from. I gained a lot of useful knowledge that I will be able to implement in my future video creations and ensure I am using other’s videos and audio legally.


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‘CU Friends Dance and Toast with Drinks’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

‘Binary Number Background’ ( by Videvo (CC)

‘Woman wearing face mask and coat walking on street’ ( by Videvo (CC BY-NC 2.0)

‘Close Up of Mans Eye’ ( by, Kiril Dobrev (CC BY 2.0)

‘Timelapse of Hong Kong Taxi Rank’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

‘Plane Landing From Behind’ ( by stockfootage (CC BY 3.0)

‘Close Up Of Concerned Male Eyes’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

‘Covid 19 News Headline in Morning Sun’ (’ by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

‘Tracking Over App Icons on Tablet’ ( by Videvo (CC BY-NC) 2.0

‘Approaching LA City Hall’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

‘Spinning Digital Sphere’ ( by Videvo (CC)

‘Male Working in Dressing Gown Checks Phone’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

 ‘Girl On Phone 1’ ( by Harry (CC)

‘Hacker at Screen 01’ ( by Videvo (CC)

 ‘Hacker Glasses 02’ ( by Videvo (CC)

‘Melbourne – Federation Square 01’ (—federation-square-1/1290/) by Videvo (CC)

 ‘Computer Code Flythrough Loop’ ( by Videvo (CC)

 ‘Scrolling Down Facebook Feed’ ( by Videvo (CC NC 2.0)

‘Rear View Of Pedestrians Walking In Busy Street, Daytime’ (,-daytime/464241/) by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

 ‘Global Computing Concept Animated Loop’ ( by Videvo (CC)

 ‘Hacker Glasses 08’ ( by Videvo (CC)

‘EU and Belgian Flags in Brussels’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

‘Australian Flag Flying on Sydney Harbour Bridge’ ( by Videvo (CC BY)

‘CCTV Near South Korean DMZ’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 2.0)

 ‘Futuristic Graphics Set 1’ ( by Videvo (CC)

 ‘CCTV Camera’ ( by Videvo (CC)

 ‘Purple Data Globe Concept’ ( by Bellergy (CC)

 ‘Using a Smartphone’ ( by Videvo (CC)

‘Static Noise 1’ ( by Videvo (CC BY 3.0)


‘TV Static’ ( by Sound Bible (CC BY 3.0)

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